Aquarius is a new stylish and modern seafood restaurant located in Georges Hall.

The layout of this restaurant is ultra modern and we use the best quality and designs from furnishings down to the crockery.

Aquarius had been in the making for close to 1 year. We have worked closely with the locals and the community who were inputting their ideas and have watched and waited anxiously for Aquarius to open. They have helped us provide to the Community what Georges Hall and surrounding areas have been wanting and needing.

We forward a special Thank you to the locals and community.


The Aquarius Seafood Platter has grown to become our signature dish, which contain a variety of the freshest hot and cold seafood.

The Aquarius seafood platter is a two teir delicacy, work of art and most importantly the flavours and quality of seafood are sure to please any seafood lover.

We can also offer a variety of Buffet Menu to cater for your special occasion. Please contact our venue for details.


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